Daya Dairy-Farming From the Heart

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Daya: (Sanskrit) Compassion, Kindness, Mercy

Daya Dairy is a part of Weeping Willow Farm, a charitable organization dedicated to nurturing community through the practices of agriculture and land stewardship.  We are a community of teachers and learners engaging in sustainable land management and animal husbandry, community supported agriculture and conservation of land, water and native species.  The dairy is run in the spirit of service to all-caring for mother earth and all of creation and honoring the sacred spirit that dwells in all beings.  In the quiet of the valley, under the shelter of the mountain, the human spirit finds peace and purpose and takes refuge at the feet of the great mystery.

In addition to offering fresh, raw, pasture-fed milk to the Taos community, the Daya Dairy goshala also supplies all the milk to the Neem Karoli Baba Ashram in Taos. The ashram kitchen prepares food daily to offer in the temple and to distribute to hundreds of people.  Thanks to Daya Dairy, all the kitchen’s milk is fresh and locally-sourced from cows who are lovingly cared for.

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The Land

The Daya Dairy sits on 20 acres of lush pasture land, criss-crossed by perennial streams supporting bands of riparian habitat.  We are committed to practicing ethical land and water stewardship and our grazing practices reflect our deep love for the Taos Valley.  The pastureland and watershed are home to a variety of wild herbs and flowers and support a diverse community of wildlife.  In the early morning, coyotes bound across the back of the fields. Just after the sun sets, huge owls swoop out of large willow and cottonwood trees, their haunting screech echoing through the air.  Bunnies hop around the barns, a weasel peeks around a fencepost, a hawk soars overhead, and the cows lay facing the afternoon sun with their eyes closed and a distinct look of bliss on their faces, chewing their cud in happiness.

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We are so grateful each morning as we look across the fields and see the sun rising above Taos Mountain, warming our chilly hands as we milk the cows.  And each evening we thank the indwelling spirit and the spirit of guidance for bringing this family-all of us children of mother earth-together.

In Loving Service,

Jonathan and Anandi